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Counseling and Psychotherapy
for Counseling Students, Trainees, and Interns

As a graduate of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) who's gone through the grueling processes of receiving both my California PPS and MFT credentials and license, I understand the personal and professional issues students, interns, and trainees face on the road to licensure.

Due to my personal experiences and my desire to help others in the profession, a core component of my private counseling and psychotherapy practice in San Jose, CA, is dedicated to providing counseling and therapy services to counseling students, interns, and trainees.

As a humanistic, transpersonal, and existential counselor and psychotherapist, I incorporate hypnotherapy and a variety of other psychotherapy techniques I've learned from working closely with numerous practitioners and experts in the field, including:

  • Training in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) from Laurel Parnell
  • Sand play therapy from Marvin Kalf in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jungian psychology and dream analysis from Jeremy Taylor

I am mindful of the current life situation of my clients, the life history of each person, and the role our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have in how we respond to, and create, our life experiences.

While humanistic, transpersonal, and existential counseling and therapy may be inappropriate for some people with substance abuse issues and severe personality disorders, almost everyone can benefit from more fully exploring their own potential, as well as increasing their self-acceptance, personal wholeness, and positive state of being.

Humanistic, transpersonal, and existential therapy present an opportunity for you to better know yourself and feel more comfortable, optimistic, and authentic in your relationships with others and with life in general.

Additionally, as a counseling student, trainee, or intern you may be able to "triple count" up to 100 hours of personal psychotherapy as up to 300 hours towards your 3,000-hour MFT licensing requirement. Not only this, but personal counseling and therapy can also help you:

  • Cope with and overcome any anxiety and stress you're facing
  • Work through any transference or counter-transference issues
  • Resolve any fears you may have about your chosen career path

The counseling and therapy services I provide counseling students, trainees, and interns can also provide you a valuable opportunity to consult with a licensed professional when dealing with difficult or problematic clients.

And, because I know how financially challenging this period can be, I offer a sliding scale, reduced hourly rates, and flexible scheduling all based on the individual needs of the counseling and therapy students, trainees, and interns I work with.

For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, please feel free to contact me:

Haleh Rambod, M.A., MFT
(408) 554-2466

2111 Geer Road, Suite 505-507
Turlock, CA 95382

4100 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 106
San Jose CA, 95117

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2111 Geer Road, Suite 505-507, Turlock, CA 95382
4100 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 106,San Jose CA, 95117

Haleh Rambod, MFT, provides Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy for Students, Interns,
and Trainees in San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, CA, California

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